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Playing Online dice Game

Dice the game is so old that it would probably be playing in the days of the Crusades. Yes, and now play in a heartbeat in all casinos in the world. Online gambling has allowed countless players from around the world enjoy playing craps without going outside of your home at any time of the day or night. Online Craps attracts players excitement and variety of bets and payouts.

Rules in online and offline craps largely coincide. Players take turns rolling dice, ie assume the role of the arrow (the shooter), others are betting on the outcome. Shooter rolls two dice with the bones, the amount of the separated bones determines the result. Opportunities to bet in online craps set, but they all eventually either the shooter or against him.

If the shooter threw 2, 3 or 12 - it is craps, ie everyone who put money on the fact that the shooter will pass line (Pass line) lose their bets, and those who believed that the shooter will not pass line ( Don 't Pass) won. And if the shooter throws a 7 or 11, the numbers in the game, natural, on the Pass line bets are paid at a rate of 1:1, and the rates on Don't Pass lose. If it comes up any other number - counted Point. Future throw shooter, players can bet on the Point and win if the winning number again. The round is over when winning again Point or a positive integer.

If you play craps online for strategy, the house edge can be minimized. The main thing to know the probabilities. For example, after the pass line bets on players can safely bet on the odds (chances). With this strategy, the benefits of gambling establishments reduced to almost zero, which in the world of gambling is extremely rare and very welcome.

Bet on the odds (chances) - More and means that you think that a player throws Point for the second time before a 7 or 11. Payments at this rate depends on how many points was in the game, but the chances of that will drop Point, do not depend on the number. In general, put on odds (chances) craps online you can with minimal risk. Most online casinos use the standard rules for craps, but check them out before the game is still desirable in order to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings. Beginners should practice playing the so-called game (fake) money and learn the rules before you bet on the game with real money.