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Online Tables World Poker Club meet players of different levels - from beginners to professionals. Here loud ringing coins and muffled rustle card is played in the most popular poker in the world - "Texas Hold'em" - and "Omaha". It hosts weekly tournaments and meetings Sit-n-Go.

World Poker Club largest online community of poker players that are found in public and private tables: you find yourself worthy opponents, defeat that will honor and lose - informative. Organize a private table to play only with your friends. Earn credibility among the other players and try yourself in the role of the dealer (which, incidentally, is very profitable!). Give and receive gifts, Chat - or luxuriate in a VIP-status! You may not know how to play? No problem! Free educational application will help you learn.

If you - a lover of poker, then certainly highly appreciate this club, picking himself worthy contenders. Browser game is good especially the fact that you are playing in real time not with soulless computer and with real people.

World Poker Club opens its secrets at once, without making a long search for the necessary information. Far away from the button "Play", located in the upper left corner, is a plaque with photos and information about the amount of money in your account. Personal data - tabs that describe the types of poker. Here you can select a variety of games (Omaha Hold'em) and rivals from different regions (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc.).

Below the list of tables there is a panel with buttons, one of which offers training for beginners. Top players, chat, winners of tournaments - at the bottom of the page. Currency are chips, coins and respect. If you purchase Respect, you can become a dealer and have the income from the game the other participants. World Poker Club - a club where you can play for free as well as buying chips and bonuses. Play poker on Footstep as an excellent opportunity to acquire the necessary skills of the game and go to the next level. After you click "Play", the application will automatically send you to one of the tables, where there is space for you. An added convenience is that you get a table where gamers play your level, so playing in World Poker Club will be very interesting.