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Roulette is the most popular and addictive game of chance on the planet and of the myriad variety of different games for money. If you take the whole mass of people gambling for 100 percent, two thirds of them fan at precisely roulette, because there is nothing more exciting for a player than to play roulette for money. Play slot machines online course is also interesting and recklessly, but many prefer to risk and excitement in the style of American classics.

Roulette game is rightly called the "Queen of excitement", because the diversity and size of bets with lots of options and strategies of the game will attract anyone who at least once life try to gamble. After the "Queen craze" first saw the light and was presented to the public, she always took the leading position in the world of gambling entertainment. And after that moment present in every roulette online casino and gambling house.

Roulette appearance dates back to the 19th century in Germany. While there were a dowry, if the creator of the roulette Francois Blanc idea prompted the devil himself. After all, if we calculate the sum of all the numbers on the roulette wheel, it will be equal to 666, the number of mystical and diabolical.

For some time, roulette visited almost all countries of Europe and America, and has become the most popular game of chance. Nowadays, online roulette for money also in great demand among the players. There are several types of roulette, and each has its own individual rules and features.

Usually there are two main kinds of European and American roulette. By and large, the principle of the roulette game is one. European Roulette is the one that is most often seen in casinos and gaming clubs. She has one zero on the wheel and the number of scattered more chaotic. But in American roulette sector added an additional "zero", thereby increasing the chances of a casino. Just one of the varieties considered roulette. Nowadays, more and more gaining popularity online roulette. This is explained by a more comfortable playing and great opportunities. Online casinos offer to play for free samples, and where else is available free roulette. Yes, and not have to spend a lot of time to enjoy the game in the most famous gambling on the planet!