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Online Baccarat Game

If you have ever visited a real casino and passed the gaming table for baccarat, the first impression he is very similar to the table craps. If users do not have much, then the table craps sized pool, worth three dealers. Approximately the same picture and a table for baccarat.

In an online casino is much easier and huge tables with three dealers are not needed. In online baccarat, you need to choose one of three possible bets: bet on the dealer, the player and equal result. Bet on the dealer means that you believe that the dealer will have the best result. Bid for the player means that you bet on winning player, and the rate to equal the result, with the highest payout percentage win only if the winning draw.

Game terms at different tables of baccarat may differ, but the essence is preserved. For example, betting is often used Pinto Blanco , which literally means "player", "bank". If you bet on «Punto», then you bet on the player winning if Blanco, then winning dealer. If you put the chips next, you want to draw. In a real casino players are sometimes allowed himself to deal the cards, it is a rare, but still happens.

The purpose of the game is extremely simple: guess who, the player or the dealer, the result will be closer to 9. Reminds a little game of blackjack, but there should dial 21. When the bets are made, press the button «Deal». The player and the dealer receive two cards. Sometimes pass the third card. Bids can be made to win the player, the dealer, the player and the dealer, or a draw.

If the value of the player's hand or the dealer's 8 or 9, the result is called the original baccarat. Additional cards with this result does not give up, the game is over, natural baccarat wins. If the player hands 5 or less player is dealt another card. If the player has 6 or more, then he will no longer pass and the player stops. Betting on the player or the dealer paid at a rate of 1 to 1 in most online casinos. Sometimes bet on the dealer paid slightly lower with less interest places. Statistically dealer wins a little more often, so the institution can take 5% from wagers on the dealer in their favor. Thus, the rates paid to the dealer at a rate 1:1-5%. which means that if a player bets $ 1 on the dealer, when he gets back win your dollar and 95 cents win.