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Where are laid the condition in which catches the monitoring program casino and begins a series of defeats. I will say this, that I determined empirically playing on small deposits. In the video, we are taught to change color when you win - and who said that it needs to be changed? After all, chances are the same for both colors. And as soon as you change the color after winning more than 5-7 times, the monitoring system defines you as a casino player strategy "Red and Black" and begin falling out of the same color by 8-12 times.

How to make so that the control system has not defined a strategy and failed to adjust losing streak fallout. The main thing is not to be a constant that changes color or not, it should be spontaneous. For this I suggest using an ordinary coin, you'll also pop and determine whether or not to change the color. You decide for yourself that red heads or tails of it. And as soon as the bid won, you throws a coin and thus determine whether or not to change the color.

This way you can win in casino 50% deposit on the day. net play casino advise European Roulette, choose a table with a betting range that enough amount of your deposit on a series of doublings. The most optimal in this respect to the second table - and no amount surpasses the range of bets on the roulette maximizes profit from the game.

Anyone who ever went to the casino (not online casinos, real gambling houses), will remember this atmosphere. In many high-level casino interior is made so elaborately that the playing time flies, and winning jingle coins stirs the blood! All emotions here increased a hundredfold: frustrations or otherwise perceived euphoria of victory, more realistic.

If you missed the excitement, we offer you to get a shot of adrenaline in the online mode. Playing a network game club you can relive all those memorable feelings sitting at home in front of a computer monitor.

Virtual online casino is suitable for those who have no time to go to the present institution. Besides the Internet in some institutions the minimum rate of 1 cent - this will allow BET long time to be in the game.