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How To Play Roulette

Roulette one of the oldest games casino, still extremely popular and valued for its ease and excitement of the game. Online version of roulette game added speed and brought some additional options. Online roulette especially attracts beginners and those players who are tired of strategic games such as poker and blackjack .

Most roulette tables performed either in the U.S. or in the European style. The difference is that in American roulette is 0 (zero) and 00 (double zero), and the only European one zero. Some sites offer a mini roulette where they play only 13 rooms.

The roulette wheel includes 37 or 38 sectors, depending on whether there is a game for European or American rules. Each sector has its own line on the gaming table. On the table there are additional sections that correspond to one-third of the wheel, all red or all black sectors, odd or even numbers. At the beginning of the game, players change their money for virtual chips, equal dignity.

Each player has chips of the same color. Before every spin of the wheel players bet: You can bet on a particular sector, the line between the two, three or four sectors, while the chances are increasing, but the payout is reduced. The time allotted for bets timer shown on the screen. When bets, spin the roulette wheel makes. Players who bet on the winning sector are benefiting and a new round begins.

In roulette there are often additional generally known as en Prison (in prison). Under this rule, each player who put a 1:1 ratio in contact with the ball to 0 receives compensation at half rate. But he can freeze those their part-time (imprisoned) for the next round, if frozen bet wins, it returns all his bet, but without additional benefit.

5It is ruled by the case, so an effective strategy for roulette game simply does not exist. If someone promises you a winning betting system , treat such a statement with a large grain of salt - none of these systems was not confirmed statistically. To know the rules and spirit of the game, suggested some time to play roulette "on the wrappers." In this you can play roulette for familiarization with the rules and test new strategies without any risk to your own money. Play all kinds of roulette free and without registration, you can right here.