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One of the most common today bonuses offered by online casinos to its user as bonus incentives. It exists in two forms and may be both fixed and interest. Almost every online casino, at the completion of their gaming account, the player offers a deposit bonus.

With all the interest bonus is clear enough. Its calculation depends on a certain percentage, which puts online casinos. Often, the rate varies from ten to fifty percent of your personal deposit. A mean value of the wagering is 30hBonus.

If you want to know the real size of the fixed bonus, which is often fully charged online institution as a lump sum to your account, you should carefully read the relevant section of the site. He operates on a simple principle, to the sum of your recharge your account is a fixed amount of bonuses, which also added to your deposit. Often the maximum amount fixed bonus does not exceed two hundred dollars, and the average value of the wagering Bonus.

Because every online casino has its own unique policy of attracting clients, and bonus offers them to separate, and as differing interest rates, fixed amounts, wagering and other details that accompany bonuses. That is why, before the first list their deposit funds into your online casino, you should look to the relevant section in the online casino. If such a section in the casino simply does not exist, then there are big doubts about the feasibility of the game in it.

One of the most popular types of bonus rewards that far ahead of all other types of bonuses in online casinos worldwide. With rare exception, absolutely every online casino offers a monthly bonus to their players, giving them the opportunity to increase your score on a certain amount. In most cases, every single online institution has its own methods for calculating this bonus. Most often, this method is charging a monthly bonus in the form of very specific percent of the deposit of the player. The annual amount of such bonuses can reach very impressive sum of money that is not too much for any player. This type of bonus will be very convenient for players who have already decided on their preferences regarding online places where they spend their game. Receiving monthly additional amount to your account, the player gets along with them to spend more time in your favorite casino, and therefore more likely to win.