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The game become what is known as by many people blackjack has many different names. The famous game of Blackjack has names such as blackjack, pontoon and vent-et-un. Blackjack game comes after probably from, where it all began to play with. During the 17th century Today, blackjack is still a hugely popular game in the casino and of course in the online casinos and become even more often hugely Plays.

Find out why more and more people choose to play live. Blackjack You play it online via the cameras which are installed in the casino in top international casinos. The technology makes it now possible online play and feel. Atmosphere and tension at home The picture and sound are of top quality and guarantee a perfect gaming experience. You are playing this amazing game against Neuralgia dealers. More on our live blackjack page .

In blackjack is normally played with six decks of cards, there are also some versions with 4 or 8 decks of cards. Since not get played with jokers means that a total of 312 cards during blackjack will be when there are six decks of cards is used. Present

Always good to know is that the blackjack dealer will always hold as his points total below 17 is a map. If some points are over 16, he will hold no more card. And if the dealer when picking up a map of the 21's, he is bankrupt. Blackjack is therefore not only address cards but also pay attention to what the dealer has for itself.

The dealer must draw cards at all times, even if you as a player only 13 points. If the dealer himself has a 5 lie is matching 13 points statistically the best thing you can do with blackjack and hope that the dealer necessarily needs to extend below 17 points (even if 16 already) that it ends above the 21 and so you still win. Blackjack is a card game of blackjack strategy and insight. Very familiar with the blackjack card counting is and about what these changes will have on the remaining cards. When 6 decks of cards, it means that there is 96 of tens, the cards 10, J, Q and K are only considered to be one of 10, 24 and cards of the numbers 1 to 9. This is huge and you will be understand that keeping the blackjack cards only for people with a very good memory is reserved.