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The basis of the online casino is laid, usually a random number generator that determines the same for all results and odds. In a real casino player has to deal with a live dealer and not a computer program.

In principle, the online casinos also have the opportunity to play against a live dealer and bring the gaming experience as possible to the real casino, without departing from the threshold of his house. Choosing an online casino with live dealers, you should consider several factors: the type of game bonuses, software, deposit conditions and customer support.

Whatever it was, only a few of them (usually the most popular) will be available in live dealer. Basically live dealer online casinos offer to play blackjack , baccarat and roulette . In addition, online casinos usually have the opportunity to play for real money and for free, work out in the game, but with a live dealer only play for money.

Online casinos usually offer a choice of instant access to the game or download the necessary software. Instant access to the game is convenient because you go to the casino directly from your browser, regardless of operating system. No need to download and install additional software.

If you want to play with a live dealer, it is better to tune in to the downloadable version of the casino, download the software from the website and install it on your computer. Program should be compatible with your operating system and that it will provide access to your online casino and not your favorite browser. Situation is because in games with a live dealer higher and stricter requirements for graphic design and gaming options.

Download and install on your computer the necessary software, you get access to the games with a live dealer. During the game you will see and hear on the screen of the casino dealer, the program will provide high-quality video and sound. And although you will be able to communicate and to bid through a graphical interface, the gaming experience will be the most realistic and as close as possible to visit a real casino.