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Betting On Dice Games

Craps can be played simultaneously by several people. The game is played on a table with boards, where the leading player throws three dice (a couple of small cubes). Leading player usually called the shooter. The result is the sum of the cast numbers on the upper faces of the two dice, which is 2 -12 points.

The game craps two stages: the first Come Out Roll, which is denoted by point and the second - Point Roll, when all the shots are made, after the designation of the number Point. Before the round bets are made to the prize Pass Line and defeat, called Don't Pass Line. Rates make a throw leading player. The game allowed and upwards. After a shot, the following outcomes.

Craps, when the total is 2, 3 or 12. In this situation, Pass Line bets lose and Don't Pass Line bets win. Profit on a roll of 2 or 3 is the sum of the rates observed in the case of 12 - just returns to the player. Natural , when the amount of points received is 7 or 11. Don't Pass bet on the losing state, and the Pass Line bet in a winning ratio.

Point, when the credit is equal to the sum obtained from 4 to 9 or 12. In this case, the fixed amount that is left on the sides, and called the number of Point. During the game at Point Roll all bets and Don't Pass Pass play according to the scheme: a leading player rolls the dice until until it gets 7 points or Point. If you roll a 7, the bet is a loser Pass, same Don't Pass bet wins. If the winning bid Point win the exact opposite. During these shots, the player can make an additional bet.

After the end of the draw, the game starts again with the first round. Bids Pass, Don't be accepted only from the player before the 1st round, but the stakes Don't Come Come and accepted throughout the game. So a player can bet: Win, Lose , Odds, Big 6, Big 8. Bids for one round: Field, Any Seven, Any Craps, Two Craps, Twelve Craps, Three Craps, and Eleven.

Strategy game similar to craps roulette strategy. And before you start the game you should be familiar with its essence, because the best strategy is to combine the rates.