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Blackjack, like other card games, has no single source of origin. Additionally, certain aspects of his stories are treated differently, that, in general, it is not surprising. Nevertheless, with a high degree of certainty we can say that Blackjack originated in France in the 17th century.

Then the game was simply called "21" and naturally took a few other rules. For example, doubling the rate could only dealer, and before the cards are dealt compulsorily conducted so-called "Betting round." In Spain, there was also a similar game, only to winning it was not a set of 21 and 31 points, and the name of this fun "one and thirty."

Blackjack real popularity began to acquire at the end of the 19th century have in America, where it was brought European immigrants. Nevada became the first state to legalize gambling and Las Vegas appeared cradle gambling. First time players preferred craps and roulette, and therefore, in order to attract customers to a new game for them, was coined by a number of bonuses.

One of them was a tenfold increase in the payoff if a player scored 21 points with the ace of spades and the jack dark suit. Actually, hence the modern name of this game, because "blackjack" in translation from English just means "dark Diamonds".

By the 1930th year of blackjack has become the third most popular game in Las Vegas, and by the mid 20th century - second, behind only the dice. However, the peak of people's love for this Gambling accounts for the 1962nd year.

That's when the light came mathematician Edward Thorp's book "How to Beat the Dealer. This work talked about how to win at blackjack, using probability theory and various mathematical calculations.

In general, we can say that the global popularity of blackjack as time is influenced by the fact that the victory in it not only depends on the luck of playing, but also on its ability to count cards and correctly analyze the current situation.